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Aislinn Lewis is a journeyman blacksmith in Colonial Williamsburg’s historic trades division. She’s the museum’s only female blacksmith and one of few in the profession at large. We sat down with her to talk about hammering out a place in a male-dominated profession.

From rum and Cokes to vodka sodas, highballs are some of the most commonly ordered drinks. They’re easy to make, and often very tasty. But while a lot of thought goes into the spirit, too little is given to the mixer.

The unassuming white turnip has been knocking around Virginia since French and English colonists introduced it in the 17th century. The vegetable was almost immediately adopted by settlers and indigenous people alike and eventually became a favorite throughout the South.

Dress code drama made D.C. dining headlines this past August, when celebrity chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley was unceremoniously bounced from an upscale Japanese spot.